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We believe there's no better way to see the world than through the eyes of locals. That's why we're inviting YOU to travel with us to meet DGL students and engage with them in their local communities.

Our trips are designed to give you a first-rate travel experience with modern, comfortable accommodations, delicious food, and fun, intriguing experiences as we immerse ourselves in local culture and see Young Life ministry in action. ​


SEPTEMBER 8 -15, 2021

Preliminary Itinerary

(subject to change)


Sept. ​ 8 - 9 Travel day. Arrive from the US in Yerevan in time to get luggage and travel to the camp.

Sept. 10-12 – DGL Conference at Young Life Pioneer Camp

Sept. 12 – Travel to Yerevan; check into deluxe accommodations in an historic Yerevan hotel. Enjoy a driving tour and dinner with YL friends in Yerevan.

Sept. 13-14 – Enjoy day trips to see monasteries through Armenia’s beautiful countryside including a boat ride on Lake Sevan and a hike in the beautiful region in the shadow of Mt Ararat. ​ Meet and encourage the YL College team in Yerevan. Hear ministry highlights and experience YL college club.

Sep 15 – Check out of hotel and enjoy a final farewell meal with fellow travelers before flights home

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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

– Helen Keller

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