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Individuals, families, churches, small groups

Starting at just $25/month, you can sponsor a DGL student. A full scholarship is $250/month and provides full tuition, books, and Young Life leadership training.

Joining together with others to sponsor a DGL student is a great way to share a common goal and make a global impact. Chris and Amber Kern and their family support a DGL student in the Dominican Republic, an experience that has opened doors of friendship and international opportunities to their children. ​ ​

Sponsorship​ by the numbers.

150 students per year at $12,000 is an annual need of $1.8M Sponsorship by the numbers:

Sponsor a student forone month = $250

Sponsor a student forone year = $3,000

Sponsor a student for a full4 years = $12,000

Partial sponsorships start at any amount

Sponsorship​ by the numbers:

150 students per year at $12,000 is an annual need of $1.8M.


Sponsor a student for
one month = $250


Sponsor a student for
one year = $3,000


Sponsor a student for
full 4 years = $12,000

Partial sponsorships start at any amount

Young Life areas and regions

Four years ago, Young Life Broomfield/Adams County, CO sponsored a DGL student in Belize who has recently been named country director of Belize. In addition to developing international friendships, Broomfield's area budget has experienced increased giving from donors who appreciate being a part of making a global impact.​ Hear what Zach Kreeger and others have to say about this experience.

Private foundations and businesses

We are exceedingly grateful for a few private foundations and business owners who believe in the power and potential of Developing Global Leaders and generously support our work. Their collective gifts provide necessary capital to award scholarships year after year. If you are interested in learning more about corporate sponsorships or foundational giving, we would love the opportunity to explore options with you.

Ways you​ can engage

Commit to pray​ for a DGL student

Our goal is for every DGL student to have at least one prayer champion somewhere in the world who is committed to praying for them as they manage academics, ministry, and family life. Select a student to pray for HERE.

Stay in touch​ through DGL student blogs ​

You can stay up to date with DGL students through their blogs and social media – a front row view of Young Life around the world and a way to forge international friendships

Travelwith us and meet DGL students ​

There's nothing quite like meeting your DGL student face to face and immersing yourself in their world. Travel with us on one of our DGL international trips. Find out more about upcoming DGL trips HERE.

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